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(of a flower) pollinated without human agency.
o′pen pollina′tion, n.
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Farmers have a choice of planting hybrid open-pollinated seeds, hybrid greenhouse seeds or hybrid open-field varieties under the F1 range, which all have good germination rates of nearly 100 percent, seedlings success rate and uniformity in crop maturity, according to Orinda.
Joybells was developed from an open-pollinated variety, bred by renowned South African breeder, Phyllis Burger of the ARC based in Stellenbosch.
Open-pollinated plants result from pollination by bees, insects, wind or itself if the plant has both male and female flowers (ex: cucumbers, melons, pumpkins and squash).
The fellow is Aris Arviso who has been growing the open-pollinated (OP) variety for many hears.
But, according to the standard laws of genetics, they have (most likely) been open-pollinated and will not come "true" to the parent (i.
In case of both treatments, significant (2258 kg) yield per hectare recorded in open-pollinated plots, whereas 1859 kg yield obtained from close-pollinated plots (Fig.
The yield of every crop of member respondent is higher than of non-member respondents except that of open-pollinated maize crop and goat milk yield.
Because 'Carl's Glass Gems' is an open-pollinated com, the seed will breed true if it wasn't crossed with any other types of com.
They must be open-pollinated, thus the parents must be able to produce true-to-type offspring.
For corn farmers, the DA gave out 4,164 bags of open-pollinated variety seeds worth P5 million and 1,000 bags of hybrid seeds worth P3 million.
It joins six yellow and three white crossbreeds, one white open-pollinated variety of maize and two SS hybrids (as grub).
The approval of 11 new and imported rice seed varieties seven hybrids and four open-pollinated by the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council last week uncovered new realities for the crop.