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A quantity on which a mathematical or logical operation is performed.

[From Latin operandum, neuter gerundive of operārī, to operate; see operate.]


(Mathematics) a quantity or function upon which a mathematical or logical operation is performed
[C19: from Latin operandum (something) to be worked upon, from operārī to work]


(ˈɒp əˌrænd)

a quantity upon which a mathematical operation is performed.
[1885–90; < Late Latin operandum, ger. of operārī; see operate]
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Noun1.operand - a quantity upon which a mathematical operation is performed
quantity - the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable


[ˈɒpərænd] Noperando m


n (Math, Comput) → Operand m
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If integer values are involved exclusively, the term arbitrary precision refers to the capacity to achieve the correct integer result regardless of the number of digits in the operands or the operation to be performed.
The first flag is the existing "D" bit that controls the size of operands.
where 'dthat' takes a general term as operand and forms from it a new, rigidified general term.
In the case of unary operators like square root, the value `0' is used as placeholder for the second operand.
If one or more operand rows are found, then go to Step #3.
For example, if the single static operand to a multiply turns out to be 1 at dynamic compile time, then the multiply can be replaced by a simple move.
Therefore, if a bytecode operand is used by multiple bytecode instructions, it must be duplicated on the stack.
Section 4 details the power optimization technique based on clock gating for operand size and presents results on its promise.
Including operators: These select from the first operand the elements that include in some sense elements from the second operand.
He regards the connection between subject and verb as on a different dimension than that which operator and operand belong to.
Dialog offers the most powerful simulation capabilities by allowing the aliasing of not only commands and operands but also field tags through a substitution table.
The 106th Festival started on July 25th with a new staging of Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg by Barrie Kosky, the Australian-born Intendant of Berlin's Komische Operand closed August 28th with the end of the five-year run of Berlin director Frank Castorfs exuberantly iconoclastic Der Ring des Nibelungen.