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1. Operating to produce effects; effective.
2. Psychology Of, relating to, or being a response that occurs spontaneously and is identified by its reinforcing or inhibiting effects.
1. One that operates.
2. Psychology An element of operant behavior.

[Latin operāns, operant-, present participle of operārī, to work; see operate.]

op′er·ant·ly adv.


producing effects; operating
1. a person or thing that operates
2. (Psychology) psychol any response by an organism that is not directly caused by a stimulus


(ˈɒp ər ənt)

1. operating; producing effects.
2. a person or thing that operates.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin]
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Adj.1.operant - having influence or producing an effect; "many emotional determinants at work"; "an operant conscience"
operative - being in force or having or exerting force; "operative regulations"; "the major tendencies operative in the American political system"
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Operant sous l'egide de la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de l'Emirat de Dubai, cette association a caractere economique, s'est assignee pour mission principale [beaucoup moins que] l'accompagnement des membres adherents dans leurs demarches de prospection du marche et d'investissement, aussi bien en Algerie qu'aux Emirats [beaucoup plus grand que], a indique a l'APS son secretaire general, Sid Ahmed Benraouane.
In the experimental analysis of behavior, it is well-established that the longer the time between operant response and reinforcer, the weaker the effect of the reinforcer, other things being equal.
Khartoum, 19 Juillet (SUNA) - Le Ministere du Petrole a signe Samedi le programme de paiements en vertu duquel les compagnies petrolieres operant dans les carres 3,7 a l'Etat du Sud-Soudan vont payer leurs obligations envers les frais de transit et le traitement du petrole brut exporte de la part des compagnies dans le cadre de l'accord signe recemment par la Partie concernee.
He further explained that in 2007, researchers discovered that a gene in the fruit fly genome was very similar to the human version of the Forkhead Box P (FoxP) gene and in the latest study, it was determined that it plays a major role in behavior-based, operant and learning.
Need to support operant integrations between the healthcare and non-healthcare applications implemented in Murciano Health Service, as well as developing new integrations.
The solar icemaker functions on the basis of surface absorption and for the same reason this device uses active carbon as absorber and methanol as operant fluid," Mojtaba Ejian, a senior researcher at the Material and Energy Research Center of Iran, told FNA in December.
This edition has updated content; new topics like evaluative conditioning, asocial observational learning, computer-based VRET (virtual reality exposure therapy), progressive schedules, and constraint-induced movement therapy; more studies, especially those that are controversial or counterintuitive; new applications, including the use of Pavlovian and operant procedures for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of medical disorders; and replacement of the Miller-Dollard theory of observational learning with a generic operant learning theory.
Quelque 400 personnes ont ete secourues par deux navires de la marine militaire italienne operant en Mediterranee dans le cadre de l'operation "Mare Nostrum", alors que deux autres bateaux de la Brigade des finances avaient quitte le port de Lampedusa pour voler au secours de 250 autres immigres qui etaient a bord d'une embarcation en difficulte a 25 miles de l'Ile.
Vingt-cinq personnes sont mortes et des dizaines d'autres ont ete blessees avant-hier samedi a Benghazi lors d'affrontements entre des manifestants, qui ont finalement recu le renfort des forces gouvernementales, et une milice operant avec l'approbation du ministere de la Defense.
Rappelons que selon les premiers elements de l'enquete, le plaignant, Khalid Benkhadda, operant dans le secteur du zellige, a fait l'objet d'un chantage de la part du presume accuse.
May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Facing an unprecedented demand for limited services for special needs children affected with autism and other severe disabilities and disorders, Devereux New York, a nonprofit healthcare organization, has implemented TeachMe from Operant Systems, which uses Microsoft technologies Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Phone, to improve its strategy for collecting behavioral data and clinical analysis.
The orientations covered include operant procedures, token economies, Pavlovian conditioning, stimulus and response control and desensitization, and implosive therapy.