operating expenditure

op·er·at·ing expenditure

1. Funds spent for normal business operations.
2. An amount of money spent in this way.
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Municipal operating expenditure on the trading services consisting of water, electricity, waste water management and waste management is budgeted to increase from R120.
Our full suite of automated network optimisation products and services are now helping more of the world's mobile carriers deliver a higher quality of service across their networks while, critically, reducing capital and operating expenditure.
7% of operating expenditures and just under its goal of maintaining a two month operating expenditure reserve.
The report is a comprehensive handbook for municipal CTOs, providing guidance on technologies such as FTTH (Fiber to the Home), PON (Passive Optical Networks) and Active Ethernet,Wi-Fi mesh and WiMAX, descriptions of different business models using real market values for capital and operating expenditure requirements, case studies of projects which are at various stages of implementation, profiles of key equipment vendors and solution providers, and an analysis of the regulatory issues.
Restructuring the network to provide significant capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) savings
In his capacity as executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Kirschenbaum will help to direct and oversee the business and fiscal management of the company, as well as help to plan, oversee, and coordinate capital and operating expenditures and fiscal systems.
This new rate recovers all of the agency's operating expenditures and should allow for stability for at least three years.
Houston's financial operations for fiscal 1994 were sound, based on preliminary results, increasing the ending unreserved general fund balance to about 5% of operating expenditures, now in accordance with city policy.
The statement also provides general and specific criteria for recognizing tax revenues on an accrual basis and standards for certain government fund operating expenditures, including prepaid items, supplies inventories and compensated absence other than earned sick leave.
For commercial property owners and building managers, the choice represents a significant opportunity to assess the individual financial structures of real estate holdings, and possibly, an opportunity to increase profit margins or realign some other operating expenditures.
Accounting changes complicate comparisons to earlier fiscal periods, but baseline operating expenditures have grown modestly.
As of the end of fiscal 2005, the city's combined enterprise system had unrestricted cash on hand equal to more than eight months of operating expenditures.

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