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Noun1.operating microscope - binocular microscope used in surgery to provide a clear view of small and inaccessible parts of the body (as in microsurgery)
binocular microscope - a light microscope adapted to the use of both eyes
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Surgical Operating Microscope for ENT use - Schedule I
With the use of an operating microscope, your surgeon will make a very small incision in the surface of the eye in or near the cornea.
To operate, I made an inch-long incision at the base of Jayne's spine and used an operating microscope to locate and remove the cyst.
The eye unit had the first operating microscope in Wales, improving surgery considerably.
Money raised will go towards a variety of equipment for the neurosurgical theatre, including: * An operating microscope with specialist immunofluorescent filters which will allow more radical removal of brain tumours; * Highly specialised ultrasound scanning equipment which can be used to identify the position and extent of tumours during surgery; * An image-guided neuronavigation system which allows 3D modelling of tumours before surgery so that the operations can be performed with greater precision; * Specialist endoscopic equipment which allows keyhole surgery for treatment of tumours.
They discuss corneal hysteresis and biomechanical properties of the normal cornea, physiology, the corneal endothelium, imaging, the new generation of operating microscope, new instrumentation, the artificial anterior chamber, and the definition, terms, and classifications of lamellar corneal surgery.
Sitting inside an operating microscope, the camera transmits the microscope images to a TV screen, enabling other operating room nursing staff to see what's happening during a procedure.
Although conventional endodontics accounts for the majority of typical endontic practice, the rise of the operating microscope (OM) has brought elements to endontic surgery that were previously lacking--magnification, illumination, and visualization--and, along with new biomaterials, an increased range of solutions where the clinician can predictably preserve the tooth.
Evaluation with an operating microscope and removal of all cerumen is essential to the diagnosis of occult cholesteatomas, as this case demonstrated.
High-performance materials like the lightweight Baydur 110 polyurethane system are said to be ideal for use in the field of operating microscopes, such as the Leica Microsystems F40 operating microscope.
Surgeons used an operating microscope and stitches finer than hair to bring together blood vessels and nerves.
Looking through an operating microscope, which magnifies tissues 10-30 times, Brown attached the blood vessels and nerves of the hand to those of the arm, using sutures about the size of a hair.