operating room

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operating room

n. Abbr. OR
A room equipped for performing surgical operations.

op′erating room`

a specially equipped room, usually in a hospital, where surgical procedures are performed. Abbr.: OR
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Noun1.operating room - a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operationsoperating room - a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations; "great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic"
hospital room - a room in a hospital for the care of patients
غُرْفَةُ الْعَمَلِيَاتِ الْـجِراحِيَّةِغُرْفَة العَمَلِيّات الجِراحِيَّه
operační sál
operacijska dvorana
phòng mổ


(ˈopəreit) verb
1. to act or work. The sewing-machine isn't operating properly.
2. to do or perform a surgical operation. The surgeon operated on her for appendicitis.
ˌopeˈration noun
1. an action or process, especially when planned. a rescue operation.
2. the process of working. Our plan is now in operation.
3. the act of surgically cutting a part of the body in order to cure disease. an operation for appendicitis.
4. (often in plural) the movement, fighting etc of armies. The general was in command of operations in the north.
ˌopeˈrational adjective
in good working order.
ˈoperative (-rətiv) , ((American) -reitiv) adjective
in action, having effect. Many old laws are still operative.
ˈoperator noun
1. a person who works a machine. a lift operator.
2. a person who connects telephone calls. Ask the operator to connect you to that number.
ˈoperating room noun
(sometimes theatre) the room in a hospital in which operations are performed.

operating room

غُرْفَةُ الْعَمَلِيَاتِ الْـجِراحِيَّةِ operační sál operationsstue Operationssaal χειρουργείο quirófano leikkaussali salle d’opération operacijska dvorana sala operatoria 手術室 수술실 operatiekamer operasjonssal sala operacyjna sala de operação, sala de operações операционная operationssal ห้องผ่าตัด ameliyat odası phòng mổ 手术室

op·er·a·ting room

n. sala de operaciones, quirófano.
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Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 2 Research Methodology 3 Executive Summary 4 Premium Insights 5 Market Overview 6 Industry Insights 7 Operating Room Management Market, By Application 8 Global Operating Room Management Market, By Product 9 Global Operating Room Management Market, By Component 10 Operating Room Management Market, By Delivery Mode 11 Operating Room Management Market, By Geography 12 Compettiive Landscape 13 Company Profiles 14 Appendix Companies Mentioned:
Incorporating PolycomA RealPresenceA Room video solutions (PolycomA HDXA 8000), the operating rooms go beyond facilitating and improving surgical procedures through the use of HD image-assisted and minimally invasive surgery regardless of location and enable medical know-how and skills to be transferred between operating rooms in real time.
Field tests are essential to assure the operating room performs satisfactorily and achieves the contamination standards.
If not, the authors would have shown increased operating room capacity with no reduction in cancellation rate.
The system is designed to make the operating area more ergonomically efficient, and helps ensure rapid turnover time between cases because there's less equipment moving in and out of the operating room," DeBerardino said.
Most importantly, they discover the greatest amount and most inefficient use of time takes place with pre-operative documentation, both for the anesthesia providers and the operating room nurses.
Everything in the operating room was marked in yellow or blue to distinguish each baby's team and equipment.
Rattner is helping to build an operating room there that will incorporate telesurgery.
An operating room is a room with a sterile environment in a healthcare facility used to perform surgical procedures.
Their reasoning is they can easily integrate the operating room documentation module into the existing system.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled European Operating Room Solutions Markets offers a comprehensive overview of the market including key industry challenges, market drivers and restraints.

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