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Noun1.operating surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgeryoperating surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery
amputator - a surgeon who removes part or all of a limb
cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon - a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)
doc, doctor, physician, Dr., MD, medico - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
brain surgeon, neurosurgeon - someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)
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In a statement to KUNA today, the operating surgeon, Dr.
In addition, it is unlikely for the operating surgeon to have his or her usual operating team over the weekend which could slow down the surgery," explained lead author Dr.
Now Catherine specialises in looking after patients undergoing hip and knee replacements at Hexham General Hospital and provides skilled assistance to the operating surgeon.
6,7,9,10] The use of these agents and techniques is at the discretion of the operating surgeon and anesthesiologist.
Due to movable and flexible tools, the operating surgeon can work in all parts of the abdominal cavity, even in the most remote and difficult-to-access areas.
A report heard at the inquest in May last year strongly criticised the operating surgeon and identified the severed vein and artery as a clear failing and rare injury.
Primary operating surgeon stood on the left side of the patient as contrast to usual right side.
The hospital's new technology makes it possible for the operating surgeon to customise everything in the theatre such as the room temperature and operating table light.
Operating surgeon Mr Roberto Tozzi said: "We managed to get the whole thing out without rupturing it, which was good.
A Rugby Football Union Statement read: "A full recovery is expected as quickly and as safely as possible under the guidance of the operating surgeon.
The operating surgeon is not an anesthesia specialist, so may not feel comfortable supervising something about which he/she has no personal expertise.
The operating surgeon also relies very much on the assisting surgeon holding the camera to capture good images from inside the chest cavity.

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