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 (ŏf′ē-ə-līt′, ō′fē-)
Any of a group of rocks, especially mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks, thought to have formed during crustal thinning at a mid-ocean ridge and to have been subsequently thrust onto continental crust.

[French ophiolite : Greek ophis, snake (in reference to the typically greenish serpentine rocks, diabase, and peridotite found in ophiolites) + French -lite, -lite; see -lite.]


(Geological Science) a type of marble containing serpentine, normally used for ornamental purposes
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Bangong Lake-Nujiang River Metallogenic belt includes not only ophiolite melange belt in suture zone but also the magmatite zone related to the tectonic evolution of Meso Tethys in the south and north side (Geng, Pan, Wang, Peng, & Zhang, 2011).
In November, another Australian company with property in Cobalt, Ophiolite Consultants Pty, was acquired by Equator Resources Limited.
Petrology of Polygenic Mafic-Ultramafic Massifs of the East Sakhalin Ophiolite Association
Bela ophiolite zone of southern Pakistan: Tectonic setting and associated mineral deposits.
Pakistan is located in the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Zone, which is roughly 200 km north of the Himalaya Front and is defined by an exposed ophiolite chain along its southern margin.
The company owns mineral exploration rights to the project, which include the potential rocks of the Point Rousse ophiolite complex, recognized for holding the Mother-Lode-Style gold mineralization.
It took more than a decade after the ophiolite conference for Dick to build a strategy for pursuing the Moho.
Savannah has interests in three copper blocks in the highly prospective Semail Ophiolite Belt in Oman.