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 (ŏf′īt′, ō′fīt′)
Any of various mottled greenish rocks, such as serpentinite.

[Middle English ophites, from Latin ophītēs, from Greek ophītēs (lithos), serpentlike (stone), from ophis, serpent.]


(Geological Science) any of several greenish mottled rocks with ophitic texture, such as dolerite and diabase
[C17: from Latin ophītēs, from Greek, from ophis snake: because the mottled appearance resembles the markings of a snake]


(ˈɒf aɪt, ˈoʊ faɪt)

a diabase in which elongate crystals of plagioclase are embedded in pyroxene.
[1350–1400; Middle English ophites < Latin ophītēs serpentine stone < Greek ophitēs (líthos)]
o•phit•ic (ō fit′ik), adj.
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Contract notice: New urban renewal program - study of foreshadowing for the area of ~ ophite - renewed consultation
Stones such as mountain crystal, ophite and coneline, and the usual amethyst, ruby and emerald have been used for the jewellery.
Paradise reconsidered in Gnostic mythmaking; rethinking Sethianism in light of the Ophite evidence.
By these lights Ahab is a Blakean-Byronic-Shelleyan hero of the type of Cain or Prometheus, implicitly identifying "the accuser who is God of this world" with a malignant, prosecutorial demiurge, or even the devil himself (as in Ophite readings of the Old Testament).
A third question concerns the identity of the `sect' to which these texts belonged: Barbelognostic, Ophite, or Sethian?
Because of its hardness, ophite has occasionally been mined for road metal in the Archidona area.