inferior ophthalmic vein

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Noun1.inferior ophthalmic vein - a vein that drains a venous network in the floor and medial wall of the eye socket
ophthalmic vein, vena ophthalmica - either of two veins that serve the eye; empties into the cavernous sinus
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Superior and inferior ophthalmic veins, (SOV, IOV) drain into CS which in turn drain into the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses [Figure 1].
of the ICA results in direct transmission of highly pressurized arterial blood to the cavernous sinus and ophthalmic veins, leading to venous hypertension.
J to an interventional neuroradiologist for evaluation of a suspected CCSE A cerebral angiogram performed the next week revealed a high-flow left internal carotid artery (ICA) cavernous fistula with marked cortical venous drainage, retrograde flow to the left ophthalmic veins, and direct communication between the left ICA and dilated cavernous sinus.