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Although spontaneous and evoked inhibitory synaptic potentials due to chloride fluxes have been recorded in the stellate ganglion of squids (Miledi, 1972) and in slices of the cuttlefish optic lobe (Chrachri and Williamson, 2003), so far neither the neurotransmitter mediating those potentials nor their membrane receptors have been characterized.
For LM, samples including the optic lobe and the optic stalk were immersed in Gilson fixative (2-6 h), and then well washed in running tap water, dehydrated and embedded in paraffin.
This hypothesis is supported by the observed VPARP hyper-activation in the optic lobe after training experiments.
The squid optic lobe contains 50%-80% of the neurons in the squid central nervous system and is therefore an excellent source of SVs for study of their biophysical and structural properties.
1] doses of T-817 24-h apart (second group), HPLC analysis indicated a final optic lobe concentration of 26.
The ACh release and Ch uptake were quantitatively studied through the use of in vitro chemiluminescence and isotopic methods on a subcellular fraction enriched in synaptic nerve endings (synaptosomes) isolated from cuttlefish optic lobe.
For example, the three cortical layers of the cephalopod optic lobe are organized similarly to the deeper layers in the vertebrate retina (Young, 1971).
These terminals contain conspicuous aggregates of polysomes and are responsible for essentially all the protein synthetic activity of optic lobe synaptosomes.
Squid optic lobe extracts were loaded onto a 5%-30% linear sucrose gradient and spun at 200,000 g for 14 h.
Nonspecific proteins were removed by several buffer washes; and a clarified squid optic lobe extract was then passed over the column, followed by buffer washes.
Following de-waxing and rehydration, sections containing photoreceptors were immunolabeled for calexcitin using a polyclonal antibody (25U2; cloned from squid optic lobe and raised in rabbit; 1:1000 dil.
5 [micro]m; and neuronal diameters in the Drosophila optic lobe fall between 3.