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Noun1.optimisation - the act of rendering optimal; "the simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability"; "in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized"; "to promote the optimization and diversification of agricultural products"
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
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com/reports/c31265) has announced the addition of Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS, 2nd Edition to their offering.
Written by leading experts in the field, the first edition of Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS quickly established itself as a best-selling and highly respected book on all relevant planning issues for UMTS/WCDMA.
Established in the late 1980s, Greycon is a leading provider of software solutions in Supply Chain Optimisation, Production Planning, Finite Capacity Scheduling and Trim Optimization.