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Left to choice; not compulsory or automatic.

op′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.optionally - in an optional manner; "this rule is applied optionally"
obligatorily - in an obligatory manner; "this rule applies obligatorily"


[ˈɒpʃənlɪ] ADVopcionalmente
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This invitation concerns the new stage of the stage in the big hall (18 x 12 - 15 m), optionally the stage in the burgerratssaal (5 x 9 m) and optionally the pianolift.
Key statement: The present invention is directed to the functionalization of butyl rubber ionomer and optionally the grafting of polyamide to halobutyl rubber ionomers.
The system encodes one stereo programme in the standard version and can optionally be upgraded to a second stereo programme.
The composition consists of water, compressed gas propellant, fragrance, pH adjuster, corrosion inhibitor comprising one or more of a phosphate, nitrite or silicate corrosion inhibiting compound, a surfactant which is either at least one nonionic surfactant or a blend of at least one nonionic surfactant and at least one cationic surfactant, and optionally a solvent selected from a group consisting of alcohols and glycols, a buffer component, and a preservative component.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 23, 2014-Sikorsky demonstrates optionally piloted Black Hawk flight
TYPE: Four-bedroom students/sharers house RENTAL: PS800 pcm - optionally furnished AGENT: Archer Bassett TELEPHONE: 024 7659 2255 Optionally furnished, the four-bedroom house has central heating, double glazing and energy rating D.
The bioavailable modified animal feed comprises the pericarp and germ removed from corn kernels and optionally by-products of the pericarp and germ processing, and lignocellulosic materials.
In addition to the standard frame, the four (4) styles of the Architecturally-Rated Series 8000 windows are all optionally available with a 2" face flange installation fin.
It detects and prevents intrusions, controls network applications, inventories applications and usage, optionally blocks spyware, instant messaging and peer-to-peer traffic, resolves usernames for policy enforcement and monitors network activity and user activity.
The release of the software option for the GPS7500 noise and interference generators delivers both forward, reverse and a unique forth/back frequency sweep over the entire 40 MHz output bandwidth at any of the L1 and optionally L2 or L5, GPS test frequencies.
The machine is available with fixed or moveable crossrails with table sizes of 31", 39", and 47", up to 75-hp drive motors, and optionally full C-axis, live tooling capability.