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Noun1.oral cancer - malignant neoplasm of the lips of mouth; most common in men over the age of 60
carcinoma - any malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue; one of the four major types of cancer
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Pakistan Medical Association's Secretary General Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad in a statement said it was the need of the time to take such steps because the number of cases of oral cancer and sub-mucous fibrosis (SMF) had been increasing geometrically in Pakistan.
Summary: New Delhi [India], January 3 (ANI): Oral cancer refers to the cancers that occur in the mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks, palate or throat and are among the most common forms of cancers in India.
State health services announced on Friday the launch next week of an information campaign against oral cancer as prevention they and early detection can reduce new cases or improve survival rates by 80per cent.
The most common intraoral site for oral cancer is the tongue (on the posterolateral border) followed by the floor of the mouth.
It is time to investigate new agents for oral cancer chemoprevention.
The book 'Development of Oral Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies', identifies different aspects of human oral cancer as a step toward the alleviation and prevention of the disease.
Walid Qoronfleh, Director of Research and Policy at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), has co-authored a chapter of a book that takes an in-depth look at cancers of the mouth, known as human oral cancer.
April was STD Awareness and Oral Cancer Awareness Month but it's important to continue talking about the link between human papillomavirus, or HPV--a common sexually transmitted disease--and oral cancer, which kills one person per hour, every day, in the United States.
The objective of the study was to determine awareness and knowledge of oral cancer among medical and dental personnel of Pakistan.
Company to exhibit as Bronze Sponsor of IFOS ENT World Congress and present interim analysis of European clinical studies in support of its OncAlert Oral Cancer product line
1,2) Most cases of oral cancer are not diagnosed until they are in advanced stages (III or IV), (2,3) resulting in a 5-year survival rate less than 30%.
Oral cancer is one of the 10 most cancers in the world and shows a marked geographic difference in occurrence.