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Noun1.oral presentation - delivering an address to a public audienceoral presentation - delivering an address to a public audience; "people came to see the candidates and hear the speechmaking"
recitation, recital, reading - a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance; "the program included songs and recitations of well-loved poems"
speech, address - the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience; "he listened to an address on minor Roman poets"
disputation, public debate, debate - the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote)
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Award for the best oral presentation of abstracts will be presented to the author at the annual symposium event.
The best way to control excessive nerves is to prepare your presentation well in advance and to rehearse your oral presentation.
won the Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation award for his talk: "Approximation Algorithm for generating Neighborhood Graphs"
Senior citizens were among the volunteer panelists listening to Highland High School seniors give oral presentations on special projects, many reflecting career goals, they must complete to graduate.
Though I feel persuaded by Feinstein's approach, my own courses differ from hers in that I require students to wrestle with Gothic's use of language exclusively through writing assignments and oral presentations.
For second-year students, Indiana University offers an elective in management communication, which focuses on the analysis and application of communication strategy, oral presentation skills, listening skills, writing skills, corporate communication strategy and communication with the media.
Researchers shared data from a pilot study of GMI-1070, now in Phase 2 clinical trials, via the oral presentation, which was entitled, "Pan-selectin Antagonist GMI-1070 Affects Biomarkers of Adhesion, Activation and the Coagulation Cascade in Sickle Cell Patients at Steady State.
Session: Short Oral Presentation - Severe Bacterial and Viral Infections
A final award was presented for outstanding student oral presentation, which was given to Brian Fahlman (PhD, Saskatchewan).
This week, judges solicited from the community listened to teens complete the final part of their yearlong senior project - the oral presentation.
Assessment of the service learning activity by the faculty member may include the evaluation of the student's demonstration of a skill, assessment of written work, assessment of a product, assessment of an oral presentation and additional normal course assessment.
Tsuji gave an oral presentation titled "Storage and Supply of Monolignol in Lignin Biosynthesis", co-authored with Seiichi Yasuda and her advisor Prof.