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Noun1.orangeness - orange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow
reddish orange - an orange color closer to red than to yellow
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That shape change triggers the attached opsin to change shape too, which sets off the biochemical cascade that ends up with a brain seeing, say, a carrot in all its orangeness.
That hoppy orangeness contin ued throughout this strong (7%), rich and almost fruity drink.
Analogically, orangeness is an essential part of being an orange; or appleness is essential to being an apple.
Journey's End is an interesting mix of orangeness, the sky, pylons, grass and the overwhelming darkness of the underneath of the looming motorway structure.
We, the volunteers, and they, the loved ones, are often forced to stand uncomfortably close together in the elevator that ascends from the shagcarpeted reception area on the mezzanine level to the sixteenth floor of City Hospital, to the glorious glass-roofed vestibule, the long pale corridor and finally the hushed orangeness of the Schmetterling-Kiteley Neurology wing.
Tint 'light 30' has a slight orangeness to it, even though it's one of the paler tones, but it's completely odourless which makes a pleasant change from other foundations.
Thirty baying women, in various stages of orangeness, sit behind desks, a lit up light bulb on each one.
Yes, we sniggered while we did it - at their orangeness, the matching outfits, their OTT lifestyle - but there was genuine good feeling towards them.
But now teachers have found a whole new sartorial crime to punish pupils for - orangeness.