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(ôr′kē-ĕk′tə-mē) or or·chi·dec·to·my (-kĭ-dĕk′-)
n. pl. or·chi·ec·to·mies or or·chi·dec·to·mies
Surgical removal of one or both testes.

[Greek orkhis, orkhi-, testicle + -ectomy.]


Surgery to remove one or both testicles.
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Noun1.orchiectomy - surgical removal of one or both testicles
ablation, cutting out, extirpation, excision - surgical removal of a body part or tissue

orchiectomy, orchidectomy

n (pl -mies) orquiectomía or orquidectomía
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Additionally, all undrained testes and drained testes complicated by symptoms requiring surgery or suspicious for malignancy should be biopsied through intraoperative frozen section (followed by orchiectomy or orchiopexy), and watchful waiting is recommended for scrotal testes without suspicion of malignancy or the need for surgery due to concomitant pathologies.
10) Subsequent involvement of the opposite testicle with lymphoma may occur months to years after orchiectomy and may be of different histologic subtype; thus, a second tumor may represent another primary rather than disseminated disease.
15) Minimally invasive endoscopic orchiectomy may provide a better alternative for safely removing a neoplastic testis in an avian patient diagnosed with a seminoma.
12 Given the 50% probability that CIS will eventually progress into cancer, it is reasonable to perform biopsy of the contralateral testicle in patients with known microlithiasis who are already undergoing a radical orchiectomy for testicular carcinoma.
The panel recommended either bilateral orchiectomy or injections with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) as initial androgen-deprivation treatments.
A biopsy confirmed the malignancy, and the patient underwent bilateral, modified radical mastectomy and bilateral orchiectomy.
The standard of care for men with advanced prostate cancer is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) commonly achieved surgically via bilateral orchiectomy or medically via injection of a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) agonist.
We discussed with the patient the option of intraoperative drainage and possible partial orchiectomy, but he was reluctant.
6 office visits resulting in radical inguinal orchiectomy for benign pathology ($7,686)
Men who have undergone orchiectomy require extended follow-up surveillance because of the delayed metastatic potential of these tumors.
However, vasectomy does not arrest courtship and copulation, and radical orchiectomy should be considered as an alternative method to eliminate sexually derived behavior and to produce permanent infertility in birds.
The patient underwent radical orchiectomy that revealed a pure seminomatous tumor of the left testicle measuring 7.