order Phasmatodea

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Noun1.order Phasmatodea - in some classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera: stick insects; leaf insects
animal order - the order of animals
class Hexapoda, class Insecta, Hexapoda, Insecta - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
phasmid, phasmid insect - large cylindrical or flattened mostly tropical insects with long strong legs that feed on plants; walking sticks and leaf insects
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The order Phasmatodea (leaf and stick insects) consists of approximately 3000 known species often characterized by an elongated body cavity and procryptic camouflage (Azevedo et al.
dagger] The Order Phasmida is referred to by some authors as Order Phasmatodea.
Catalogue of type material of the insect order Phasmatodea at the Zoologisches Museum der Universitat Hamburg (Insecta: Orthoptera: Phasmatodea).