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Noun1.order Siluriformes - an order of fish belonging to the superorder Malacopterygii including catfishes
animal order - the order of animals
Malacopterygii, superorder Malacopterygii - an extensive group of teleost fishes having fins supported by flexible cartilaginous rays
siluriform fish, catfish - any of numerous mostly freshwater bottom-living fishes of Eurasia and North America with barbels like whiskers around the mouth
family Siluridae, Siluridae - Old World catfishes
Ameiuridae, family Ameiuridae - North American catfishes
Ariidae, family Ariidae - sea catfishes
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Effective March 1 2016, the United States Department of Agricultural Food Safety Inspection Service (USDA FSIS), is performing continuous domestic inspection of fish under the order Siluriformes.
other catfish species, is in the taxonomic order Siluriformes and is
Suruvi (Steindachneridion scriptum) of the order Siluriformes and family Pimelodidae, is found in the Uruguay and upper Parana river basins (Garavello, 2005), and is one of the species listed in the Red Book of endangered species in Brazil, showing important characteristics for inclusion in the South American fish farming.
The catfish Sciades proops (Valenciennes, 1840), popularly known as "uritinga", are fish of the order Siluriformes, family Ariidae, occurring in tropical and subtropical coastal zones in marine, estuarine and inland waters, and they are generally most abundant in shallow coastal waters with a muddy or sandy bottom (Araujo, 1988; Andreatta et al.