Orderly book

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(Mil.) a book for every company, in which the general and regimental orders are recorded.

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Combing muster rolls, orderly books, and other overlooked obscure records, Mayers discovered the significance of these hitherto ignored sites.
Today, the members of the re-enacting group do not portray specific individuals, but are soldiers of varying ranks, using firsthand sources such as drill manuals, diaries of combat and orderly books, Mr.
She makes a decent living because she works long hours to keep her current customers happy and maintain orderly books.
Right now I am slogging through the orderly books and officer's correspondence from and to Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778.
You will find what is perhaps the most comprehensive list of Loyalist regiments ever assembled, along with selected manuscript transcriptions including muster rolls, orderly books, courts martial, regimental papers, documents, letter and memorials.