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n. pl. or·di·nes (-də-nēz′) or or·dos Roman Catholic Church
An annual calendar containing instructions for the Mass and office to be celebrated on each day of the year.

[Medieval Latin ōrdō, from Latin, order; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christian Church an order of procedures


(ˈɔr doʊ)

n., pl. or•di•nes (ˈɔr dnˌiz)
a booklet of directions for the Roman Catholic order of service and Mass for each day in the year.
[1840–50; < Medieval Latin ōrdō, Latin: series, row, order]
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Is perhaps the "ecumenical" ordo rather a "magisterial" ordo?
But instead of signifying, as happened from the beginning of the 12th century, the ceremony in which an individual received a power henceforth possessed in such a way that it could never be lost, the words ordinare, ordinari, ordinatio signified the fact of being designated and consecrated to take up a certain place, or better a certain function, ordo, in the community and at its service.
They are, rather, theological/ doctrinal questions; thus, the appeal to a liturgical ordo, pattern, or structure (one widely-accepted response to what is normative in Lutheran worship) does not advance the conversation about what is normative unless the investigation also attends to the particular ways in which this ordo is incarnated within the particular liturgies and in the particular churches from which it is deduced.
He also became a member of a German satanic cult the Ordo Templar Orientis.
A second theme, that of the "virtues," echoes Hildegard's drama the Ordo virtutum which pictures the wandering and return of a soul, and the triumph of the virtues, who are personified, over the devil.
And when they established our country, they designed a Great Seal of the country, and it said, 'Novus ordo seclorum' - 'a new order for the ages.
We have adoration, benediction, devotions of all kinds, and Novus Ordo and Tridentine Masses.
But they backed down on plans to take their learners to the busiest parts ofCardiff at rush hour ordo a "go-slow" through the city centre to get themselves heard.
The older Eben piece Ordo modalis of 1964 is based tonally on the inspiration of the ancient harp and shawm but in terms of rhythm draws on the early Baroque dance.
Indeed, while many clerical communities had their own Prophets Plays based on the same Advent sermon, the Laon Ordo Prophetarum is distinctive in its intentionality: it made manifest the community's own understanding of the meaning of Advent, a meaning that accreted gradually during the weeks leading up to Christmas as the scriptural and homiletic readings proclaimed during the liturgy fused with the interpretive understanding of those readings.
Comparing common worship with the Ordo (rubrics established by tradition as liturgical norms), he concludes that contemporary worshippers are often indifferent to traditional structures for worship.
He is pitted against the shadowy Ordo Novus who has already assassinated two priests in Doyle's diocese, a gay Jesuit pastor and a liberation theologian and is gunning for Doyle himself.

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