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We will study the transition state of the desired reaction and design and synthesise transition state mimics to be used as Organic Structure Directing Agents for the synthesis of zeolites.
Salt is a two-tone, high/low structure carpet tile with a natural organic structure that helps inject striking, yet subtle colour into a scheme to accentuate furnishings and is available in six neutral and vibrant shades.
Therefore, in organizations with mechanical structure compared to organizations with organic structure the incidence of corruption is more likely.
For Aquinas, "a living body becomes human when and only when it has an organic structure that is able to support all the functions of the soul.
Peace with the Kurds would improve relations between Turkey and northern Iraq who would then convert these relations into an organic structure.
As shown in Table 1, the most important cause or condition for the phenomenon in study is the organic structure of the organization, and the second is the lack of investment in higher risk strategies to increase the degree of innovativeness.
An international landmark of titanium, glass and limestone, Gehry's spectacularly organic structure was dubbed "the most important building of our time" by Philip Johnson, the undisputed dean of American architects.
Therefore, another factor that affects FS retention may be the compomer organic structure of DS.
When we examine the construction free from the wall, we come across the formation of the organic structure of a skeleton.
Numerous studies have argued that an organic structure positively impacts the relationship between an entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance (Covin and Slevin, 1988; Lumpkin and Dess, 1996).
But the creature that has now emerged from this cocoon at One Gansevoort Street looks nothing like what was promised by the mod, organic structure that had once embraced it.
Its organic structure includes a headquarters and headquarters company, a signal company, and a brigade support battalion with a support maintenance company and a distribution company.