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The mineral and organic substances which it holds in suspension heightens its transparency.
Material must not contain any material or organic substances in quantities capable of producing deleterious or injurious effects on the health of those consuming water.
It is interesting to note that the list of substances contains 7 heavy metals (entries 1-7) and 15 organic substances, including 5 phthalates (entries 8, 9 and12-14), formaldehyde, primary aromatic amines and vinyl chloride.
The Hohenstein Institute's test system assesses the degradation of organic substances by microorganisms, water and oxygen in realistic conditions in the soil.
The technology efficiently removes persistent organic substances in wastewater by using hydroxyl (OH) radicals generated through an electric discharge created at a gas/liquid interface.
Micropollutants are organic substances with toxic properties that are harmful to the environment and living organisms.
2 million resulted in a type of carpet produced with nanotechnology that destroys organic substances before they can take hold or become a stain.
The planar surfaces of the talc are hydrophobic and have a natural affinity for organic substances such as polyolefins.
Part II covers soil composition including phase distribution, mineralogy, and organic substances.
Lunine, who is with Cornell University and is one of about 260 scientists involved with the Cassini-Huygens mission, explained that Titan and Earth in the solar system have the large amounts of organic substances on their surfaces to provide such information.
Abu Dhabi: An Asian has been jailed pending investigation for allegedly placing individuals' lives at risk after he reportedly sold unlicensed organic substances and posed as a pharmacist without a permit.
Nitro compounds are organic substances that contain one or more nitro groups, which consist of three atoms, one of nitrogen and two of oxygen, and which act as one.