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Noun1.organification - the process of organ formation
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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Maternal-fetal transfer of thyroxine in congenital hypothyroidism due to a total organification defect or thyroid agenesis.
This leads to a reduction in thyroid hormones synthesis, which make the cells defective in thyroid iodine organification.
Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is a membrane-bound glycosylated hemoprotein that has a key role in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones by organification.
It has been shown that purified hCG increases iodide uptake, increases cyclic-AMP production dose dependently and stimulates organification and [T.
Organification (oxidation) of iodide is accomplished by [H.
Thyroid hormone biosynthesis is impaired because of the persistent block in intrathyroidal iodine organification as evident by the positive perchlorate discharge test in patients with AIH.
10) Most patients with Pendred syndrome remain euthyroid, as dietary iodine intake is usually sufficient to compensate for the iodide organification defect.
It blocks organification in thyroid cells, thus inhibiting the production of the thyroid hormones (thyroxine and triiodothyronine).
Schmutzler et al (8) demonstrated inhibition of iodide uptake and irreversible inactivation of thyroid peroxidase (TPO) in an in vitro study employing rodent tissue thereby indicating interference with thyroid hormone biosynthesis at the level of iodide uptake and organification by genistein, a soy isoflavone.
Thiocyanate, a major component of smoke, derived from hydrogen cyanide leads to increased excretion of iodine, inhibits iodide uptake by the thyroid, competes with iodide in the organification process (Ermans et al.