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Adj.1.organisational - of or relating to an organization; "organizational structure"
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Organisational stress one of the most important factors influencing the quality and efficiency of the faculty.
and Rhoades, L (2001)," Reciprocation of perceived organisational support", Journal of Applied Psychology, 8(1), 42-51.
1997)," Perceived organisational support, discretionary treatment and job satisfaction", Journal of Applied Psychology, 82(3), 812-820.
Despite the large number of studies on organisational commitment (Best and Thurston 2004; Elloy 2005; Lee 2005; Loke 2001; Lok and Crawford 1999; Meyer and Herscovitch 2001; Silverthorne 2004; Sofie et al 2003; Yoon and Thye 2002), the influence of job satisfaction, how nurses perceive organisational support, leadership behaviour and level of education have received little attention among health care professionals.
Organisational commitment was described by Yoon and Thye (2002) as a construct that affected employees' work behaviours using two approaches.
Griffiths is the senior partner of Material Assistance, Johannesburg, SA, an organisational development and applied communication practice.
Before founding Material Assistance 10 years ago, Griffiths worked in communication, human resources and organisational development with the Star, South Africa's leading daily newspaper, and edited various consumer and financial journals within the Barlow Rand Group.
Sociological paradigms and organisational analysis: Elements of the sociology of corporate life.
The research utilises a questionnaire as a means of data acquisition, which intends to identify organisational learning impediments of the social studies teachers.
Organisational responsibilities: As society puts increasing importance on business ethics, organisations need to reconsider their brand values.
Applied organisational communication was identified as one of the primary tools in the extensive development process currently under way a process encompassing a total rethink on job levels, skills development, rewards packages and the way the organisation will position itself to meet future prospects.

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