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 (ôr-găn′ə-klôr′ēn′, -ĭn)
Any of several hydrocarbon-based compounds containing chlorine, especially those used as pesticides, such as DDT.

or·gan·o·chlo′rine adj.


(ˌɔːɡənəʊˈklɔːriːn; ɔːˌɡænəʊˈklɔːriːn)
(Chemistry) any of a group of complex organic compounds containing chlorine
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Helium was used as the carrier gas, and organochlorine pesticides were identified by comparing their retention times with those of a standard mixture of PCBs and organochlorinated pesticides.
Organochlorine levels were missing for 3% of the 2,823 children selected, mostly because the measured value did not meet the quality control standards for acceptance (Brock et al.
The study of 50 pregnant women found detectable levels of organochlorines in all of the women participating in the study-including DDT, PCBs and other pesticides that have been banned from use for more than 30 years.
10] undertaken a survey in northern India, has shown the presence of high concentration of both organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in the surface and ground water samples.
Only one combination showed a statistically significant pattern: higher rates of autism for mothers who were exposed to a group of chemicals called organochlorines during their first trimester of pregnancy.
Tests were carried out on their blood to search for traces of 15 organochlorine pesticides.
Breastfed infants can be exposed to organochlorines that have accumulated in breast milk.
In the wake of organochlorine pesticides came organophosphate agents.
The authors used regression analysis to evaluate breast cancer incidence at the county level as a function of organochlorine pesticide and triazine herbicide use.
Any recovery from that was prevented by the wider effects of the organochlorine pesticides in the 1950s and 60s.
Dow Faces Market Risk from Organochlorine Investments: Dow could be pressed by markets and regulations to reduce its production and marketing focus on organochlorine chemicals as a result of mounting scientific findings regarding ecological and human health impacts of organochlorine toxins, dioxins & furans in particular.
Organochlorine Compounds in Bleach Plant Effluents--Genesis and Control