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 (ôr′gə-nō-lĕp′tĭk, ôr-găn′ə-)
1. Relating to perception by a sensory organ.
2. Involving the use of sense organs: organoleptic tests.

[French organoleptique : Greek organo-, organo- + Greek lēptikos, receptive (from lēptos, taken, seized, from lambanein, to take).]

or′gan·o·lep′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Physiology) able to stimulate an organ, esp a special sense organ
2. (Physiology) able to perceive a sensory stimulus


(ˌɔr gə nlˈɛp tɪk, ɔrˌgæn lˈɛp-)

1. perceived by a sense organ.
2. capable of detecting a sensory stimulus.
[1850–55; < French < Greek lēptikós disposed to accept]
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The organoleptic problems caused by excessive addition of rosemary oil and that insufficient addition of it does not generate expected benefits is a very little known problem by researchers.
CRF[TM] technology delivers a whole new set of value-added organoleptic enhancing properties.
Combining different nutrients with diverse organoleptic properties in dietary supplements is not always easy, due to undesired aromas or flavors, such as with vitamin B1, methionine, etc.
Gerrit-Jan Bekink, Technical Marketing Engineer, HDPE, at Sabic said: "Sabic HDPE B526OULS - ULS stands for Ultra Long Shelf-life - is a high-purity grade that features good organoleptic properties that are especially important when using in-bottle sterilisation, where the packaging as well as the product are subjected to tough thermal and mechanical conditions.
After 90 days trial organoleptic study of fried fish was carried out by twelve panelists using hedonic scale for each species from treated and control ponds.
Peptan has excellent organoleptic properties, is easy to handle and incorporate into functional foods and drinks, dietary supplements, nutrition bars.
Enterococci also may play an important role in the development of the organoleptic properties of fermented foods.
Marine catfish currently valued lowly, can be smoked to provide a new product with enhanced organoleptic properties to be utilized alongside the African catfish.
They revise the principal strategies for characterizing red wines by using compositional profiles of biogenic amines as a source of information, and emphasizing toxicological and organoleptic repercussions associated with the presence of these natural components.
It is a reactor-grade product which does not require vis-breaking or peroxides, and can be used in customer food applications which require low organoleptic properties.
It boasts excellent UV absorption, chemical and physical cleanliness, good organoleptic properties, low compound moisture absorption, and good processability for smoother surfaces.
AquaROX is highly concentrated and it contains fewer ingredients that can affect the organoleptic characteristics of food.