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 (ôr′gə-nō-lĕp′tĭk, ôr-găn′ə-)
1. Relating to perception by a sensory organ.
2. Involving the use of sense organs: organoleptic tests.

[French organoleptique : Greek organo-, organo- + Greek lēptikos, receptive (from lēptos, taken, seized, from lambanein, to take).]

or′gan·o·lep′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Physiology) able to stimulate an organ, esp a special sense organ
2. (Physiology) able to perceive a sensory stimulus


(ˌɔr gə nlˈɛp tɪk, ɔrˌgæn lˈɛp-)

1. perceived by a sense organ.
2. capable of detecting a sensory stimulus.
[1850–55; < French < Greek lēptikós disposed to accept]
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In the present study, the hexane extracted BKO was organoleptically free of any bitterness and infra-red spectroscopic analysis of this oil showed the lack of any spirostan absorption characteristic of sapogenins.
Winesecrets offers a test track system where a small amount of wine can be sent for a trial, and the wine you get back can be analyzed organoleptically to assure that the desired results will come to fruition once the full-scale treatment is done.
However, drying fish by solar tent fish dryer enables to produce hygienic, high quality, organoleptically good dried fish with low cost [7].
Scientists at Alabama A&M University developed a hot dog bun using a composite blend of soy, white rice flour and hydrocolloids to organoleptically match the taste and appeal of wheat buns.
Many products used by Australian herbalists today are not easily assessed organoleptically i.
Technically, organoleptically acceptable cakes were developed from 100% flour of two different cultivars of cooking bananas (Cardaba and Bluggoe) by Adeniji and Empere [2].
They reported a decrease in the initial microbial growth up to 12 h except for the control and an increase in the shelf life of 48 h, determined organoleptically, indicating its potential use in the short-term storage of fish products.
The milk and yogurt of buffalo was found to be physico-chemically and organoleptically superior.
Fruits were allowed to ripe for 15 days at 15C to evaluate the fruit quality both in laboratory and organoleptically.
Origanox[TM] OS-T is organoleptically neutral and does not impact on the taste and smell of the finished products.