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An organic compound that contains mercury.

or·gan·o·mer·cu′ri·al adj.


(Chemistry) an organic compound containing mercury
(Chemistry) relating to an organic compound containing mercury
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Studies on the effect of mercury and organomercurial on the growth and nitrogen fixation by mercury-resistant Azotobacter strains.
Detoxification of mercury and organomercurials by nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria.
The toxicity varies depending on the form, from the least toxic elemental form that is less bioavailable, to the highly toxic organomercurial compounds that can concentrate as it moves up the food chain.
2005) Gene Product Source mer A Hg(II) reductase Gram-negative bacteria mer A Hg(II) reductase Gram-negative bacteria mer B Organomercurial Gram-negative lyase bacteria APS1 ATP sulfurylase A.
Previous evidence for such a relationship had been obtained from in vitro studies in which liver microsomes were exposed to various concentrations of the organomercurial compound (Gonzalvo er al.
Mercury is organomercurial in the form of methylmercury which have toxicological characteristics.
For example, sample extraction by an organomercurial agarose column followed by RPLC analysis has been used for the assessment of urinary 2-thioxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid, a proposed indicator of environmental exposure to carbon disulfide (98).
The number of vaccinations was collected as a potential source of Hg exposure; a distinction was made between total vaccinations and vaccinations prior to the year 2002 when thimerosal, a preservative containing an organomercurial moiety, was eliminated from many vaccines.
Phytoremediation of organomercurial compounds via chloroplast genetic engineering.
1994), the relative contribution of the intact organomercurial versus the inorganic metabolite to neuronal damage remains an open question (Magos 1987), with significant implications for risk assessment.
MerB codes for an organomercurial lyase protein that cleaves mercury ions from highly toxic methyl mercury compounds.