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 (ôr′gə-nō-mə-tăl′ĭk, ôr-găn′ō-)
Of, relating to, or constituting an organic compound containing a metal, especially a compound in which a metal atom is bonded directly to a carbon atom.


(Elements & Compounds) of, concerned with, or being an organic compound with one or more metal atoms in its molecules: an organometallic compound.


(ˌɔr gə noʊ məˈtæl ɪk, ɔrˌgæn oʊ-)

pertaining to an organic compound containing a metal or a metalloid linked to carbon.
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Ravi Ravichandran, VP of R&D at King Industries, will be presenting a paper entitled "Versatile, Tin-free Organometallic Catalysts for Polyurethane and Organosilane Applications at 10:15 am on Tuesday, October 17.
Crompton, a consultant and technical author specializing in water, soil, and sediment analysis, as well as polymer technology, organometallic compounds, and power sources, examines the occurrence, toxicity, and analysis of pollutants or toxic chemicals in oceanic fish and invertebrates.
15 July 2016 - Cincinnati, Ohio-based specialty chemical company Pilot Chemical Company has purchased New Waverly, Texas-based oil soluble organometallic additives maker Liquid Minerals Group, Inc, the company said.
Knott has worked on several projects in organometallic and coordination chemistry of the rare earth elements with his supervisor Paul Hayes and has industrial experience through a 12-month work term with NOVA Chemicals.
By using organometallic polyphosphorus compounds it was possible to synthesize unprecedented prototypes of such materials and molecular nano-sized superspheres.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers used a combined method to produce organometallic frameworks at nanometric scale.
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis: The Silver/Gold Jubilee International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry Celebratory Book
Chemtura Corporation says it will present new additive innovations within its line of flame retardants and organometallic specialties for plastics, together with investments in capacity expansion and supply chain optimisation at this year's K Show.
Flowers University Professor at Harvard University, is being honored for his work n a range of fields, from nuclear magnetic resonance to organometallic chemistry and nanotechnology, which has had significant impact on a range of technology fields.
This cavitand can be further functionalized with organometallic moieties that can be converted into nanoparticles.
Functional chemicals provided include organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties and polymer additives.
7,989,069 discloses an organometallic coating deposited from a metal alkoxide composition under conditions sufficient to form a polymeric metal oxide coating with unreacted alkoxide and hydroxyl groups.