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 (ôr′gə-nŏt′rə-pĭz′əm) also or·gan·ot·ro·py (-pē)
The attraction of certain chemical compounds or microorganisms to specific tissues or organs of the body.

or′gan·o·tro′pic (ôr′gə-nō-trō′pĭk, ôr-găn′ō-) adj.
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Organotropism and prognostic marker discordance in distant metastases of breast carcinoma: fact or fiction?
Contributed by surgeons, oncologists, and other medical specialists from the US, Australia, and the UK, chapters detail the clinical management of common metastases; metastasis biology, including in vitro investigations, in vivo modeling, genes that mediate metastasis organotropism, cancer invasion and metastasis from molecular and cellular perspectives, sympathetic nervous system regulation of metastasis, the role of long non-coding RNA in breast cancer metastasis, hematopoietic stem cells and bone metastasis, and microRNAs and the progression of colorectal cancer; and translational research in breast cancer metastases in bone, brain metastasis, surgical stress response and metastasis, and tumor-initiating cells and therapeutic implications.
All the fish caught were used for Hg analysis: small fish ([is less than] 15 g, fw) were entirely preserved; larger fish were dissected on site to collect samples from different organs (dorsolateral skeletal muscle, liver, gill arches, kidneys, stomach, intestine, brain, and gonads) for more complete ecotoxicologic studies on Hg uptake routes and organotropism according to the trophic status.