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or·ga·num 1

n. pl. or·ga·na (-nə) or or·ga·nums
Any of several types of medieval vocal polyphony, usually based on Gregorian chant.

[Medieval Latin, from Late Latin, church organ, from Latin, instrument; see organ.]

or·ga·num 2

n. pl. or·ga·nums
Variant of organon.


n, pl -na (-nə) or -nums
1. (Music, other) a form of polyphonic music originating in the ninth century, consisting of a plainsong melody with parts added at the fourth and fifth
2. (Logic) a variant of organon
[C17: via Latin from Greek; see organ]


(ˈɔr gə nəm)

n., pl. -na (-nə), -nums.
2. medieval polyphony in which a cantus firmus is accompanied by lines in parallel motion at the interval of a fourth, fifth, or octave above or below.
[1605–15; < Latin; see organ]