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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an orgy.
2. Arousing or causing unrestrained emotion; frenzied.

[Greek orgiastikos, from orgiastēs, celebrant of orgies, from orgiazein, to celebrate orgies, from orgia, orgies; see orgy.]

or′gi·ast′ n.
or′gi·as′ti·cal·ly adv.


a participant in an orgy
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Dali's sexual fantasies surface in Erotic Beach 1950), a tiny cabinet painting of wraith-like orgiasts cavorting on the sands at Port Lligat, and in a full-sized bronze Venus de Milo with Drawers (c.
The dead body of the first woman's father is clearly visible as she confesses her confused passion; the prostitute turns out to be under the threat of AIDS; the orgiasts, resenting William's intrusion on their saturnalia, threaten him with humiliation and death, and he is "redeemed" only by the intervention of a mysterious woman, who pays for his life with her own.
Sex Club," 1998, his series of twelve billboard-scale pictures of gay orgiasts (nine of which canvases were shown here), painted in a faux-naive style using flat, preschool colors, have undeniable charm.