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A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material, that purportedly plays a role in physical and mental health.

[Probably org(anism) + -one.]


a substance postulated by Wilhelm Reich, who thought it was present everywhere and needed to be incorporated in people for sexual activity and mental health
[C20: from org(asm) + (horm)one]
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Linguistically, the word 'TU' is a derivative of 'NTU' and 'UBU-NTU' (v), both consanguinary ancestors and analogous to the more familiar magico-spiritualistic constructs, including Kundalini (Kemetic), Ase (Yoruba), Ch'i (China/Igbo), Prana (India), Ki (Japan), The Great Spirit (Native American Indian), Orgone energy and Elan vital (Europe).
Among the names given to such mysterious healing force or energy are orgone, magnetic force, odic force, prana, subtle energy, chi, ki and more.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which is led by Julien Lombrail and Loi'c Le Gaillard, with Paris, London, and New York spaces, is offering Marc Newson's 1993 Orgone chair made of aluminium and lacquered in the same red enamel paint applied to a Ferrari.
Yet in the 1950s, in his heyday in the United States, this neo-Freudian revisionist, messiah of the good orgasm and inventor of the orgone box had a reputation similar to that of Norman Mailer: to some a genius, to others a rebel, but to many simply a lunatic.
Such terms have been proposed by Wilhelm Reich as Orgone energy [23]; von Reichenbach as the Od [24], among others.
Los Angeles band Orgone is the funky sum of its eight parts.
In 1963, before becoming famous for his Pop tableaux, the California-based Kienholz drafted a list of works to be realized, including "The God Box #3," which called for a "box numbered three in a series of boxes in size somewhere between Reich's Orgone Accumulators and a Western outhouse [whose] sole purpose is to stimulate thoughts on organized religions and what they have done to and for civilization.
Now historians at the Wellcome Collection have recreated, at their "Institute of Sexology", the very box which inspired the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen's futuristic comedy Sleeper, the Excessive Machine that Jane Fonda overloaded in sci-fi film Barbarella and even a song called Orgone Accumulator by psychedelic rock band Hawkwind.
Reich had a theory of a form of energy called Orgone that I cannot comment on other than to say it is disputed.
Radionics Box has announced the launch of the RAD 2400HD orgonite energized orgone radionics machine and workstation.
It also contains biofield formulations such as White Light, Golden Mean Energy, Qi, Horizontal Negative Green, Orgone, Alpha, Theta and Delta Brainwaves, Heart Chakra, Heartwaves, Heart-Brain Connection, Heart Signature, Spiritual (Right) Heart Signature and Sacred Geometry - Chestahedron and Star Dodecahedron.
A decade later, Wilhelm Reich claimed he had discovered a universal cosmic and biological energy called orgone that permeated the universe.