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A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material, that purportedly plays a role in physical and mental health.

[Probably org(anism) + -one.]


a substance postulated by Wilhelm Reich, who thought it was present everywhere and needed to be incorporated in people for sexual activity and mental health
[C20: from org(asm) + (horm)one]
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And while there'll be no stripping off allowed in the orgone box, the must have debated the possibility of, erm, "Lewd behaviour?
Newson's Orgone Stretch Lounge, Alufelt chair, lamps and Dish Doctor (draining tray) are good examples.
Bockris provides a sweeping review of all things heretical to modern science, including cold fusion, intelligent design, UFOs, homeopathy, crop circles, morphic resonance, orgone therapy, and ESP, among many other topics too numerous to list here.
SHAPFACED shap-faced, OED shap, 1882q HARRISONI eg Stauroneis harrisoni gracilis, ITISp ARMORINGS OED orgone, 1949q PROLEPTIC OED FIRESHINE OED fire, 1871q ASIPHONEA Webl (mollusc) CONTINUES OED continue ENGINEERS OED engineer DISCEASSE OED decease, verb SHAPFACED shap-faced, OED shap, 1882q HYDROVAN OED ADHERENTS OED adherent PRESENTER OED FORESTORE OED fore-, 5b (solid) AVENTURLY OED adventurely CANTORIAN OED ENTERLACE OED; OR ENTERLADE OED DESREYNER OED deraign, 1292q (really French) This could alternatively end with: ENGINEERY OED DISCEASYD OED disseise 1494q The next most popular top row words were many to be found heading about 0.
This compilation of 66 articles introduces the mental therapy professional to a different or unusual form of psychotherapy, including art therapy, experiential therapy, feminist psychotherapy, orgone therapy, sex therapy, and natural high therapy.
The programme traces the life of novelist Marie Stopes who was responsible for the first birth control clinic in Britain and Wilhelm Reich who set up the Orgone Institute and believed sexual energy could be used to cure various illnesses.
City: Pittsburgh Award $14,934 Program Name: Music-Instrumental/Jazz Silver Eye Center for Photography City: Pittsburgh Award $2,500 Program Name: Arts in Education Silver Eye Center for Photography Orgone Cinema City: Pittsburgh Award $2,133 Program Name: Film/Electronic Media Silver Eye Center for Photography City: Pittsburgh Award $14,934 Program Name: Visual Arts Society for Art in Crafts City: Pittsburgh Award $23,973 Program Name: Crafts South Arts City: Pittsburgh Award $3,947 Program Name: Local Arts St.
As for Kimball's assertion that Reich's discovery of a cosmic energy, orgone energy, was "nonsense" and fraudulent, not only has serious scientific investigation replicated Reich's work, but mainstream science is also knocking at the door.
free, honorable human beings, preferably male); Scientology, cut-ups, Reichian orgone accumulators, and apomorphine as weapons in the war against the agents of thought control; and so on.
Also on this year's Equifunk roster is Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, headlining Friday night,LA-based funk band Orgone, Brooklyn's groove machine Pimps of Joytime, distinguished Led Zeppelin cover band Bustle In Your Hedgerow and remix artists RAC, amongst others to be announced.
She spent years studying belly dancing and making Middle Eastern dance costumes, and now pursues the study of Orgone energy, proposed in the 1930s as a universal and healing life force by Wilhelm Reich.