orgone energy

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or′gone en`ergy

a vital, nonmaterial element claimed by Wilhelm Reich to have healing powers for human beings.
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Then upon my soul and honour, ma'am, you'll find in a certain angle of that dreary pile, called Poets' Corner, a few smaller names than Slum,' retorted that gentleman, tapping himself expressively on the forehead to imply that there was some slight quantity of brain behind it.
Above her nursery fireplace hung a photograph of her grandfather's tomb in Poets' Corner, and she was told in one of those moments of grown-up confidence which are so tremendously impressive to the child's mind, that he was buried there because he was a "good and great man.
He was buried in Westminster Abbey, the first of the men of letters to be laid in the nook which has since become the Poets' Corner.
His wood and metal orgone boxes were supposed to concentrate the orgone energy to create better orgasms and even cure cancer and other diseases.
Such terms have been proposed by Wilhelm Reich as Orgone energy [23]; von Reichenbach as the Od [24], among others.
She spent years studying belly dancing and making Middle Eastern dance costumes, and now pursues the study of Orgone energy, proposed in the 1930s as a universal and healing life force by Wilhelm Reich.
He also focuses on Reich's major reassessment of Freudian doctrines of the libido into an ideology of orgone energy and its biologically-based potential for enhancing bodily and emotional health.
As Reich describes the scene in his 1952 Orgone Energy Bulletin,
Orgonomy is the science of orgone energy that includes medical orgonomy, orgone biology, orgone physics, sociology, meteorology, etc.