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 (ôr′ə-bē, ŏr′-)
n. pl. oribi or or·i·bis
A small African antelope (Ourebia ourebi) having a light brown coat with white underparts, a short black tail, and short horns in the male.

[Afrikaans, from Khoikhoi arab : ara, to provide with stripes + -b, masculine n. suff.]


n, pl -bi or -bis
(Animals) a small African antelope, Ourebia ourebi, of grasslands and bush south of the Sahara, with fawn-coloured coat and, in the male, ridged spikelike horns
[C18: from Afrikaans, probably from Khoikhoi arab]


(ˈɔr ə bi, ˈɒr-)

n., pl. -bis.
a small tan-colored African antelope, Ourebia ourebi: the male has spikelike horns.
[1785–95; < Afrikaans < Khoikhoi, perhaps to be identified with Nama !gore-b]
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Christopher Steele, the 52-year-old director of London's Oribis Business Intelligence Ltd.
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in our study, this would be oribi Ourebia ourebi, warthog Phacochoerus aetiopicus and reedbuck Redunca redunca).
bohor reedbuck Redunca redunca wardi and oribi Ourebia ourebi cottoni.