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The lowest deck of a ship, especially a warship, having at least four decks.

[Middle English overlop, floor covering a ship's hold, from Middle Low German overlōp : over, over; see uper in Indo-European roots + lōp, a running.]


(ˈɔːlɒp) or

orlop deck

(Nautical Terms) nautical (in a vessel with four or more decks) the lowest deck
[C15: from Dutch overloopen to run over, spill. See over, leap]


(ˈɔr lɒp)

(in a ship) the lowermost of four or more decks above the space at the bottom of a hull. Also called or′lop deck`.
[1375–1425; late Middle English overloppe < Middle Dutch over-loop covering]
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Noun1.orlop - the fourth or lowest deckorlop - the fourth or lowest deck    
deck - any of various platforms built into a vessel
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I should like to see him try it; I'd give him such a pair of black eyes that he wouldn't dare to show his face in the admiral's cabin again for a long while, let alone down in the orlop there, where he lives, and hereabouts on the upper decks where he sneaks so much.