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1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.
2. Elaborate or showy, as in style: ornate rhetoric.

[Middle English, from Latin ōrnātus, past participle of ōrnāre, to embellish; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

or·nate′ly adv.
or·nate′ness n.
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Adv.1.ornately - in an ornate manner; "the cradle was ornately carved"
بِزُخْرُفَه كَثيرَه
s bohatou výzdobou
süslü şekilde


[ɔːˈneɪtlɪ] ADV [carved, painted, designed] → con muchos adornos, de manera elaborada; [written] → en un estilo florido or (pej) recargado


advkunstvoll; describemit beredten Worten, umständlich (pej); writtenin reicher Sprache


(oːˈneit) adjective
with a lot of ornament. an ornate doorway.
orˈnately adverb
orˈnateness noun
References in classic literature ?
He writes too ornately, too laconically, with too great a wealth of imagery and imagination.
Her favorite letter was from an elderly woman who returned an ornately etched martini glass, saying she had dropped it in her purse after emptying it on a visit in the 1940s.
The new currency, ornately designed with silver foiled on high-quality paper, radiates the true meaning of America.
Shades of the British Raj with their ornately carved verandas, maybe, or is it echoes of the Deep South with swing seats on a back porch and mint juleps?
The dining room has a fireplace with impressive and ornately carved sandstone chimney piece plus beautiful oak panelled walls, while upstairs, the half landing leads out onto a balcony.
An ornately decorated First World War roll of honour has been found on Holy Island and will shortly be on view for all to see.
This month, in an ornately styled auditorium, the lights will dim and the organ will rise majestically through the stage with an emotional rendering of White Christmas once again.
Setting the tone for the interior of this magnificent home is a fabulous, marble-floored atrium featuring a double-flying staircase which forms sweeping, graceful, spiraling curves to the soaring 60-foot ceiling showcasing a majestic mural, wall tapestries, and ornately carved wood gracing the walls, floors, ceilings and fireplaces.
Bai Ling, wearing an ornately brocaded silk coat and trousers, looks like a delicate flower, and speaks with the same gentility.
THE new wave in fashion for brocades and embroidery continues with ornately detailed and very feminine clothes that feel so good it's a shame to keep them just for special occasions.
The owners discovered that 16 East 52nd Street held more aesthetic value than originally imagined because of the ornately carved bronze, and it became worthwhile to pursue a major restoration of the existing Romanesque interior and exterior," said Robert Martinotti, project manager for Manhattan Equities, Inc.
The quintessentially Welsh scene forme is one of an ornately pillared and porticoed chapel set behind railings and wrought-iron gates, with, in the background, a hint of mist and fir trees.