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 (ôr′ə-nā′zəl, ŏr′-)
Relating to the mouth and nose: an oronasal mask

[Latin ōs, ōr-, mouth; see ōs- in Indo-European roots + nasal.]


(Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the mouth and nose
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In humans, MERS-CoV was detected in the lower respiratory tract of infected patients for [approximately equal to] 1 month while oronasal swab samples were negative (24).
27 - disposable mask oronasal to conduct non-invasive ventilation,
minute ventilation) and a shift from nasal to oronasal breathing that traditionally occurs during outdoor exercise (Hu et al.
188 BRIEF HISTORY 188 PRODUCTS 188 Mirapexin 188 Sifrol 189 Pexola 189 Mirapex 189 BRAEBON MEDICAL 189 BRIEF HISTORY 189 SELECTED SLEEP PRODUCTS 190 PureFlow Oronasal Cannula & Filter Model 0597 190 PureFlow Duo Oronasal Cannula & Filter Model 0588 190 Nasal & Oral Luer Lock Cannula & Safety Filter Model 0589 190 Large Bore Nasal & Oral Cannula & Filter Model 0587 190 Adjustable and Nasal Luer Lock Cannula & Filter Model 0599 190 ValueFlow Nasal Cannula With Male Luer Lock Model 5582 191 Large Bore Nasal Cannula & Safety Filter Model 0582 191 Model 0582M CO2 191 Model 0582 CO2 191 PureFlow 191 Disposable Airflow 191 MediByte 191 MediByte Junior 192 DentiTrac 192 CADWELL LABORATORIES INC.
Waldenstrom, MD, DSc, who reported on 2 patients with oronasal bleeding, anemia, lymphadenopathy, hypergammaglobulinemia, an elevated sedimentation rate, hyperviscosity, normal bone survey, cytopenias, and bone marrow involvement by a predominantly lymphoid infiltration.
Sleep apnea is defined as a complete cessation of oronasal airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds, and hypopnea is defined as a reduction in oronasal airflow of at least 50% accompanied by a decrease of more than 3% in ongoing arterial oxygen pressure (Pa[O.
The system consists of 4 channels of electroencephalography, 2 channels of electrooculography, submental electromyography, oronasal airflow, thoracic and abdominal movements, pulse oximeter oxygen saturation, tibial EMG, body position detector, electrocardiogram and tracheal sound.
Transarterial embolization of acute external carotid blowout syndrome with profuse oronasal bleeding by N-butyl-cyanoacrylate.
PRP has been a valuable adjunct in several oral surgerical procedures; they include ablative surgical procedures, associated oroantral or oronasal fistulas, mandibular reconstruction and surgical repair of alveolar cleft.
Patients assigned to the conventional group received oxygen by means of nasal prongs or oronasal mask.
They discuss recent research in areas such as risk factors for MRSA in a pediatric surgical ward, drug treatments, the anatomy of an outbreak, hospital and community-acquired bone and joint infections, multidrug-resistant infections, risk factors for oronasal transmission and dental aspect, quinolones to manage infections, and other topics.
Nostril narrowly oval to slit-like, directed longitudinally to slightly oblique; anterior margin fleshy; anterior nasal fold internal, very narrow, membranous; broad oronasal groove present; internarial space 1.