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Walking with the long axis of the body perpendicular to the ground, as humans do.

[ortho- + Latin -gradus, walking (from gradī, to move; see retrograde).]


walking in an upright manner
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Root apex resection is performed when root canal treatment fails and orthograde retreatment is not possible.
Management of post treatment pathosis include orthograde retreatment (nonsurgical), apical surgery, replantation, auto transplantation and extraction with replacement of single tooth implants.
The speculation that the tortuosity of the artery maybe related to habitual posture is not supported by results in the wholly orthograde humans.
Normal functioning of all its parts allows the harmony of movement, stability, orthograde posture and constant protection against injuries.
Because perforation repair, root-end induction and root-end filling are essentially forms of partial canal obturation, the orthograde filling of the apical region or the entire root canal system with MTA is the next logical progression in the evolutionary application of this material.
The dependence of teleodynamic on morphodynamics and morphodynamics on thermodynamics constitutes a three-stage nested hierarchy of modes of dynamics, which ultimately links the most basic orthograde process--the second law of thermodynamics--with the teleodynamic logic of living and mental processes, (ibid.
Thus, in advanced IAB, the RA is activated in an orthograde direction and the LA is activated in a retrograde direction.
In clinical situations in which it is not possible to correct the condition by orthograde access, a surgical root canal treatment to save the teeth is required [2].
In turn, the postcranial remains indicate that Pierolapithecus possessed a modern-hominoid-like, orthograde bodyplan (Moya-Sola et al.
In vitro evaluation of microleakage of an orthograde apical plug of mineral trioxide aggregate in permanent teeth with simulated immature apices.
Treatment: Two- visit treatment was planned for this patient including Orthograde root filling followed by Surgical resection of effected roots.
The materials which have got the qualities of orthograde matter are now recommended as retrograde filling materials.
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