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also or·tho·pae·dics  (ôr′thə-pē′dĭks)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

[From orthopedic, from French orthopédique, from orthopédie, orthopedic surgery : Greek ortho-, ortho- + Greek paideia, child-rearing (from pais, paid-, child; see pau- in Indo-European roots).]

or′tho·pe′dic adj.
or′tho·pe′di·cal·ly adv.
or′tho·pe′dist n.
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Adj.1.orthopedic - of or relating to orthopedics; "orthopedic shoes"
تَجْبيري، مُتَعَلِّق بِتَجبير العِظام


(oːθəˈpiːdiks) noun singular
the branch of medicine which concerns diseases and injuries of the bones. He specialized in orthopaedics.
orthoˈp(a)edic adjective

orthopedic, orthopaedic

adj ortopédico
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Joseph Barker, will serve as the tournament's director of orthopedic care for the tournament, and Dr.
Orthopedic software is used before, during and after orthopedic surgeries by surgeons.
Reports at the 2005 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons found little difference in outcome or recovery time between traditional hip replacement surgery and minimally invasive surgery.
Poland Orthopedic Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017, a new report by Global Markets Direct, provides key market data on the Poland Orthopedic Devices market.
From recent injuries including broken bones, sprains, strains and other sports-related injuries, to urgent orthopedic situations like cast or wound dressing problems, the Raleigh Orthopaedic Urgent Care Center is able to assist patients of all ages in a timely and comfortable manner.
Hospital directors in a 3-2 vote Monday approved reinstating emergency orthopedic services and doubling the doctors' daily on-call rate of pay to $1,500.
Abdallah Farrukh said he used his authority as chairman to double the orthopedic surgeons' on-call daily pay rate to $1,500 a day, citing the welfare of patients.
OTCBB:CMPD) - a medical informatics company leading the development of advanced imaging technology for cost-effective analysis and monitoring - teamed up with orthopedic digital imaging leader MEDSTRAT, Inc.
Fitting for orthopedic clinics, the Canon DR Image Viewer features pan, zoom and measurement tools such as cobb angles, as well as saves images to CD and sends images to any Windows-based desktop printer and/or a DICOM Standard-compliant network device.
As the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, the 55-and-over age group is driving the demand for more orthopedic procedures as they maintain a more active lifestyle.
The 9% fourth quarter increase in Orthofix's orthopedic revenue was driven by higher sales in each of the company's three main product areas, including its internal and external fixation devices, its deformity correction products and its bone growth stimulators for non-union long bone fractures.