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Adj.1.orthopedical - of or relating to orthopedics; "orthopedic shoes"
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The technology combines a biomechanically and orthopedically optimized walking assistant with a gait capture and analysis system originally devised by the UCLA Wireless Health Institute.
The seminar also took up Practical and Appropriate Ways in Handling PWDs consisting of lectures and demo for Orthopedically Handicapped, Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired through Joanna Tay Meren of Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) in Kalibo, Luneta Tumaob, SPED Teacher of Malay Elementary School and Armi Joy Gonzales, Master Teacher of Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center (KISEC) respectively.
IN THE MID 1990'S, then a fairly young Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist, I opened my first facility in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to orthopedically sound exercise protocols, specifically for hip and knee replacement patients.
Students in exceptionality categories with a sample size of 100 or less in third grade (multiple disability, orthopedically impaired, traumatic brain injury, and visually impaired; n = 321, <1%) and students with missing exceptionality codes for third grade (n = 314, <1%) also were excluded.
Operational guidelines for the development and implementation of adapted physical education programs for the orthopedically handicapped in Nigerian schools.
For the orthopedically impaired, there is a quota of 15,000 for teachers in national education, but altogether there are 450 disabled teachers in total.
So, invest some money in an orthopedically designed spring mattress; your body will thank you for it.
The piece of the population pie that represents the orthopedically impaired is a sliver compared to other disabilities--it is also the most diverse in terms of what each disability and student brings to the table both physically and intellectually.
9) Florida classified ESE students into twenty-one ESE categories in total: educable mentally handicapped, trainable mentally handicapped, orthopedically handicapped, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-impaired, language-impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired, emotionally handicapped, specific learning disabled, gifted, hospital/ homebound, profoundly mentally handicapped, dual-sensory-impaired, autistic, severely emotionally disturbed, traumatic brain injured, developmentally delayed, established conditions, and other health-impaired.
The orthopedically designed front seats are comfortable.
For people looking for orthopedically designed shoes as well as massage sandals, Happy Feet Plus is one stop shop for their needs.