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(Chemistry) any salt or ester of orthophosphoric acid


(ˌɔr θəˈfɒs feɪt)

a salt or ester of orthophosphoric acid, or any compound containing the trivalent group −PO4.
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Noun1.orthophosphate - a salt of phosphoric acidorthophosphate - a salt of phosphoric acid    
calcium phosphate - a phosphate of calcium; a main constituent of animal bones
salt - a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)
sodium orthophosphate, sodium phosphate - phosphate of sodium; used as a laxative to cleanse the bowels
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1] value of the orthophosphate resonance measured in a preliminary inversion-recovery experiment.
The least favorable salts were sodium hexametaphosphate and disodium orthophosphate because they produced soft, crumbly and mushy textures.
Measurement of inorganic orthophosphate in biological materials: Extraction properties of Butyl Acetate.
Phosphorous was determined as phosphate using the vanadate phosphomolybdate UV-Visible Spectrophotometric (Shimadzu Corporation, Tokyo Japan, Model UV-3101PC) method where orthophosphate reacts with vanadate molybdate reagent to form a yellow-orange complex whose absorbance was measured at 420 nm [16].
Preliminary tests shows that the slimy substance contained D-gluconic acid, a mild acid used to clean metals, and tricalcium orthophosphate, an additive found in food and fertilizers, Dan Goldblatt, a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Management, said.
The water and sediments samples were monitored for 27 parameters, including total dissolved salts (TDS), electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), chloride, total hardness, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, sulphate, orthophosphate, total phosphate, biological oxygen demand (BOD), sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, lead, nickel, chromium, manganese, copper, zinc, cadmium and iron.
The wastewater collected after solid separation was analyzed for total solid (TS), suspended solids (SS), ammonia-nitrogen (NH4-N), orthophosphate (OP), total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), total phosphate (TP), and total soluble organic carbons (TOCs).
These include hydroxyapatite (HA) and calcium orthophosphate dihydrate.
Other initial technological parameters were also determined: C/N ratio, pH, an amount of microorganisms, and contents of ammonium nitrogen and orthophosphate phosphorus.