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Any of numerous insects of the order Orthoptera, having mouthparts that are adapted for chewing, usually two pairs of wings with thickened front wings and folded hind wings, and often enlarged hind legs. Orthopterans include the grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids.

[From New Latin Orthoptera, order name : Greek ortho-, ortho- + Greek ptera, neuter pl. of pteron, wing; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

or·thop′ter·an, or·thop′ter·ous adj.


(ɔːˈθɒptərəs) or


(Zoology) of, relating to, or belonging to the Orthoptera, a large order of insects, including crickets, locusts, and grasshoppers, having leathery forewings and membranous hind wings, hind legs adapted for leaping, and organs of stridulation
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Another example is that of he North American katydid species Atlanticus gibbosus Scudder of which Rehn and Hebard (1907) state: "It possesses greater strength in the jaws than any other North American Orthopterous insect known to us.