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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The evaluation and nonsurgical treatment of visual disorders caused by imbalance of the eye muscles, such as strabismus.

or·thop′tic adj.
or·thop′tist n.


(Medicine) a person who is qualified to practise orthoptics
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Noun1.orthoptist - a specialist in orthoptics
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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Lesley Connors, the owner, is an orthoptist and set up the whole practice to be child-friendly.
Al Qatami further noted that the centre has 83 specialised medical staff and 40 therapists that offer a number of services that aim to improve the quality of life, they include but are not limited to: physiotherapy, rehabilitation and physical medicine, occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthoptist fabricating devices, nutritional programs to name a few.
American academy of ophthalmology, American association for paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, American association of certified orthoptist.
Construction of the building of Mayenne Community health centerThe building includes 12 GP practices (11 + 1 doctors firm dedicated to internal), 3 offices of dermatologists (2 + 1 dermatologists firm dedicated to vacations), 6 firms nurses (16 nurses), 1 physiotherapist~s office, 2 podiatrists~ offices, 1 dietitian~s office, 1 radiology practice (7 radiologists), 1 orthoptist cabinet, 1 speech therapist~s office, medical guard house, a CPAM antenna, antenna House of departmental autonomy and Annexes premises (meeting room, local SISA, local convenience, logistics premises).
Orthoptist Aman Mann, said: "There are lots of different abilities among the team but we are all up for the challenge and are taking a really good team spirit to the top of Snowdon.
Sally Hurring, our Hawkes Bay Orthoptist, explained her role.
orthoptist and honours student, Department of Clinical Vision Sciences, Department of Clinical Vision Sciences, School of Allied Health, La Trobe University, Victoria 3086, Australia; e-mail: <lye0128@ ymail.
Asian Eye is composed of a team of medical specialists with ten, full-time exclusive and affiliate ophthalmologists, a full-time Low Vision and Contact Lens Specialist, and a pediatric optometrist and orthoptist, most of whom obtained fellowships in their specializations at Harvard Medical School.
Orthoptist Professor Kathryn Rose, head of the study, explained that exposure to direct sunlight at a young age helps prevent the eyeball from growing too fast and becoming oval or egg-shaped instead of round, News.
She was raised in Belfast and educated at St Andrews, Scotland, before training as an orthoptist in Oxford.
Findings: Although many more cases of amblyopia were detected in the cohort screened by an orthoptist, the overall amblyopia prevalence at age 7 years was similar in each cohort.
Andrew Fox, the hospital's head orthoptist (eye specialist) said: " Having normal sight is something you take for granted until things happen to affect it.