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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science that deals with the use of specialized mechanical devices to support or supplement weakened or abnormal joints or limbs.

or·thot′ist (ôr-thŏt′ĭst, ôr′thə-tĭst) n.


(Medicine) (functioning as singular) the provision and use of artificial or mechanical aids, such as braces, to prevent or assist movement of weak or injured joints or muscles


(ɔrˈθɒt ɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
a branch of medicine dealing with the making and fitting of orthotic devices.
or•thot•ist (ɔrˈθɒt ɪst, ˈɔr θə tɪst) n.
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com)-- Stable Step, LLC, a leading provider of prefabricated orthotics and insoles under the Powerstep brand, has filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida against Foot Care Store, Inc.
There are many important things FHPs need to consider for themselves and for the wellbeing of their patients, even when it comes to orthotics.
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I purchased orthotics about four and a half years ago when I injured first one foot, then the other.
The United States will continue to dominate the orthotics space, retaining more than 50 percent of the market share throughout the forecast period.
The American Hospital Dubai and Germany-based Storch & Beller, a custom orthotics specialist, have signed an agreement to create a centre for crafted custom orthotics in the hospital's expanded Orthopedics and Total Joint Replacement Centre.
This meant that I would probably be seeing one of my physically challenged patients who had been wearing orthotics to achieve some reasonable facsimile of ambulation.
At the investigators' clinic when a dancer-patient presents with symptoms related to hyperpronation, orthotics are regularly prescribed for conservative management.
Summary: A state-of-the-art retail centre for orthotics and prosthetics located in Rashid Hospital was inaugurated on Sunday.
The objective of this review is to determine if orthotics could be used to prevent or minimize tibial stress fractures in individuals engaged in marching activities.