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A highly stable, wavelike state of localized oscillations that develops in masses of small granular particles or of some liquids when lying on a flat surface that is vibrating at certain resonant frequencies.

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The signal of the oscillon, which appears as a pronounced peak in a background of a broad spectrum of gravitational waves, was calculated using numerical simulations.
Physicists call these standing waves oscillons and believe they would have emitted gravitational waves that were so strong that they can, in theory, be detected even today.
We would not have thought before our calculations that oscillons could produce such a strong signal at a specific frequency," Stefan Antusch, a professor of theoretical physics at the university, said in a (https://www.
Called an oscillon, such a tower periodically gives way to a complementary form--a dent in the bed of beads (SN: 8/31/96, p.
Nous oscillons sur l'Histoire comme des funambules.
I will argue that oscillons can be produced in a large class of well-motivated inflationary models that are consistent with CMB anisotropy measurements.
Stereolab - Oscillons From the Anti-Sun (Too Pure/ Duophonic) pounds 15.
Troisieme remarque enfin: les sciences douces ont un langage flou (du moins assez souvent); il en resulte que meme dans le cours d'une demarche individuelle, <<Nous oscillons comme des ludions>>, disait Levi-Strauss, <<entre differents niveaux de reference possibles>> (Bellour et Clement 1979: 185): le <<reel>>, ses representations, les representations de ces representations, etc.
Called oscillons, these features show up as a peak during one vibrational cycle and a crater during the next.
When oscillons in opposite phase approach each other, they attract, partially overlap, and form a pair that moves around as a unit.