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Plural of osculum.
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Nay, in the last capital, being, as it were, the cope-stone which our blessed founder placed on the pure and undefiled doctrine which he had enjoined, we are prohibited from offering, even to our sisters and our mothers, the kiss of affection ut omnium mulierum fugiantur oscula.
Uxorem amplexus dat dulcibus oscula natis, qui patriis caligis substituunt soleas.
O felicia oscula lactentis labris impressa, cum inter crebra indicia reptantis infantiae, ut pote verus ex te filius tibi matri alluderet, cum verus ex Patre Deus Dei Genitus imperaret.
Ingredere optatasque uias pede suscipe leto: Ingredere amplexique moras et cara parentis Oscula germanumque pios age desere fletus.
Surface smooth to the touch, showing branching surface canals converging toward scattered oscula, elevated in a vein-like pattern.
Mulciber, ut perhibent, his oscula coniugis emit Moenibus et tales uxoris obtulit acres.
bolini in 4 species of sponges that share characteristics such as having large oscula (openings) or being cone-shaped, and we hypothesize that these features make them particularly suitable for egg deposition.
Nempe uolunt plures collum constringere dextra Et pulchre digitis lubricum comprendere corpus; Sed mentes muto, dum labris oscula trado Dulcia compressis impendens basia buccis, Atque pedum gressus titubantes sterno ruina.
The idea of exclusivity becomes clear in lines 77-8 where the speaker asks Marathus: blanditiasne meas aliis tu vendere es ausus / tune aliis demens oscula ferre mea?
and smaller oscula have been overcarefully scraped away," Joyce
Quando bonum faris et in corde malum meditataris, Oscula que Iudas Domino dedit hec tu michi das.