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os·mic 1

Relating to or containing osmium, especially in a compound with a valence of 4 or a valence higher than that in a comparable osmous compound.

os·mic 2

Of or relating to odors or the sense of smell.

[Greek osmē, smell + -ic.]

os′mi·cal·ly adv.


(Chemistry) of or containing osmium in a high valence state, esp the tetravalent state
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In brief, the collected Spirulina platensis were fixed with glutaraldehyde and osmic acid first, subsequently treated with a colloidal Pd-Sn catalyst, followed by accelerating the catalyst with solution containing 30 g/l NaH2PO2-2H2O for a few minutes at room temperature.
For transmission electron microscopy (TEM) the glutaraldehyde-fixed gills were washed with phosphate buffer, postfixed in 2% osmic acid in phosphate buffer, dehydrated in graded ethanols and embedded in Spurr resin.
The peptic ulcer tissue was fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and 1% osmic acid fixatives for electron microscopy.
36 To which of the five human senses does the word osmic refer?
subamylacea (lodged at NIAST) was fixed with Karnovsky's fixative and osmic acid, and sputter coated with gold.