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Variant of osetra.
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The term "Caviar" refers to unfertilized salt-cured eggs harvested exclusively from one of the twenty-five different species of sturgeon, most-commonly including White Sturgeon, Ossetra, Sevruga and Beluga.
Sevruga, Sterlet and Ossetra are all types of which delicacy?
Have a taste of Kobe beef with cold dishes, such as New-Style Sashimi (thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, sesame seeds, yuzu soy sauce, seared with hot olive and sesame seed oils); Tataki with Ponzu (lightly seared thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, ponzu sauce and ginger puree); Tiradito Nobu-Style (thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, Peruvian chili puree with yuzu and lemon juice); and Tartar with Caviar (finely minced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, wasabi soy sauce and Ossetra caviar).
The four main types of caviar are Beluga, Ster-let, Ossetra and Sevruga.
The indulgent start to the day at the Feversham Arms in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, costs PS120 for two people and features Balik salmon, two duck eggs, Ossetra caviar, creme fraiche and mini brioche with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne.
The factory is capable of producing up to 35 tonnes per annum of high quality caviar of Ossetra standard.
Son tres los tipos de caviar que provienen del Caspio, y que son <<el verdadero caviar>> segun los rigoristas: el Beluga, el Ossetra y el Sevruga, que son los nombres de los tres tipos distintos de esturion que producen caviar.
Beluga or ossetra have been our choice, but no longer if Mote Caviar is available.
Blackwell sipped Dom Perignon and BV Dulcet, nibbled on Ossetra caviar and tucked into Wolfgang Puck's Wagyu steak and braised short ribs.
The sturgeon swim up river at known times of year, the beluga in February, the ossetra in late April/May/June, the sevruga around the same time.
Gastronomes compare the smooth Mote caviar ($123 per ounce) to that of the Caspian Sea ossetra, which goes for upwards of $200 per ounce.